Stainless Steel Profiles

Stainless Steel profiles should be chosen where high levels of hygiene are sought, such as food processing industries, breweries, dairies, and hospitals.

These profiles offer superb resistance to principal chemical and atmospheric agents and are particularly recommended to protect steps in zones such as food processing industries, breweries, dairies, hospitals and external applications.

Its smooth and non-porous surface makes it especially difficult for the adhesion and survival of bacteria and /or other micro-organisms.


102 Brushed

117 Matt Black

187 Gold

190 Brushed Gold

Aluminium Profiles

A comprehensive range of profiles designed to protect corners avoiding the unsightly and fragile 45° cut. The defined square edge clearly outlines coverings such as rectified porcelain stoneware.

An alternative to an ordinary straight edge profile, the TDP offers a more luxurious finish. It can be used as an edge trim on the vertical with wall tiles or on the horizontal with Floor tiles or even as a feature strip in wall or floor applications. The extruded Aluminium profile gives a square appearance when installed and is also available with internal and external corner pieces (EDP) to obviate sharp edges when mitring is necessary.

411 Granite

414 Bath Stone

425 Sand Stone

435 Dark Granite

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